Sensory Room 1

Ruru Vocational Programme

Ruru Vocational Programme

Sensory Room 1 class is based at Ruru Specialist School’s main site
Sensory Room 2 has students with high and very high needs aged between 12 and 16.
We have high student : staff ratios with 1 teacher and 2 teacher aides to support four students,
as well as therapists and specialists.

  • Each student has an individualized learning programme including personalised Individual Education Plans (I.E.P.) and Sensory Diets, completed daily.
  • Students participate in a termly themed Integrated Curriculum Unit of work, similar to other Ruru Syndicate/Junior classes.
  • Each student has therapy sessions according to their own needs including Speech, Water, Multi-Sensory, Music, Physio and R.D.A. Therapy sessions can be group or individual.
  • There is a high use of visuals, sign language and speech generating devices within the classroom for communication.
  • Students have the opportunity to use a range of technologies in classroom each day including an ipad, an Interactive Whiteboard and a computer
  • Students are involved in life skills programmes including food technology, art, swimming, tramping, work experience, self-care routines and Special Olympics.

What's On Now...

Our Integrated Unit topic this term is Christmas Production
The students will be participating in a musical performance to share with their families and friends at the end of the term.

  • The students will be learning about
    • Shapes
    • Handwriting and forming letters correctly
    • Different responsibilities they have
    • Routines around personal hygiene

  • For Food Technology the students will be learning about eating a healthy diet. The students will be making a healthy lunch Thursdays for this topic
  • For Health and PE the students will be developing their ball skills and learning about being considerate to others .
  • Students have individual ICPs and sensory plans they complete each day.

Sensory Room Class