Donovan Satellite Class

Donovan Satellite Class

Donovan Satellite

We are a Ruru class that is situated at Donovan Primary School.
The class is for children that are Year 4 – 8. The classroom is run by 1 teacher and supported by 2 teacher aides.

  • The students at Donovan Satellite class have access to all the Donovan Primary School resources
  • Students at the Satellite class are warmly welcomed into Donovan Primary School and are included in all school activities. They are able to attend lessons in mainstream classrooms to enhance their learning and social needs.
  • Every student at the Donovan Satellite completes daily IEPs which target areas that need support.
  • Reading, writing and maths programmes are also in place and are taught according the National Curriculum.
  • Every term the class has a specific theme which is assessed in a variety of ways.
  • During the week programmes are also run on skills for life – cooking, personal care, health and fitness.
  • Students also have the opportunity to participate in therapy programmes that support their needs. Speech, Water Therapy, Music Therapy, OT, RDA, and Sensory Programmes.
  • Students have the opportunity to participate in Special Olympic days in Swimming, Athletics, and 10 Pin Bowling.

What's On Now...

This term students will focus on our Theme- Seasons.
Our School Value is Integrity.

This will include:

  • Relating to others – taking turns through playing fitness games, board games and sensory play
  • Managing self – following instructions and taking responsibility for self during breaks, being ready to learn and completing tasks
  • Thinking – problem solving.
  • Maths- – Making graphs, using money and measuring
  • Reading- Poems, Picture books and Phonics
  • Writing- Poems about the seasons, Writing about experiences, sensory writing with sand, rice and water
  • PE- Participating in regular fitness activities and PE
  • Science and Technology, Material World –seasons exploring physical changes in materials due to heat, mixing or cooling.
  • Social and Cooperative- turn taking and sharing with others
  • Cooking – Follow recipes independently, cooking time and techniques, dining etiquette.
  • Swimming - Water confidence, Floating on back and front, breaststroke, blowing bubbles, free style, breathing, water safety.
Donovan Satellite Class