Our ERO Report 2016

"Ruru Special School provides care and education for students with high and complex needs from ages five to twenty one years. The school provides programmes for students across several sites. Most students attend satellite classes, depending on their age, capabilities and family choice."

"Students have a strong sense of belonging at the school in a family-like setting where families and whānau are welcomed and included in activities and learning."

"The school makes very good use of learning information to set challenging and realistic goals for each student. Students achieve well in response to the goals that have been set. All students have an individual learning plan for what they need to learn and how to manage their personal needs."

"The school effectively promotes educational success for Māori students. Māori students achieve well at this school. Students’ culture, language and identity are valued and celebrated. They benefit from a range of cultural experiences and visits."

"The principal and deputy principal are highly committed to ensuring positive outcomes for students and their families. They have high expectations for students and teachers, and promote a collaborative culture of learning amongst staff"

Ruru Specialist School Full Report