Fairyland Centre Opening

Our students got a fantastic surprise when the therapeutic play equipment was revealed! Keith Meiforth and Peter Crealey from Niagara Therapy flew over from Brisbane, Australia for the unveiling and showed our students and family/whanau what their company had generously donated.
A large train and bulldozer were the highlight of the day and each seat between 1-4 of our students. Each seat in the train and bulldozer are fitted with medical grade ‘cycloid therapy’ which feels like a fantastic massage or a ‘train going really fast’ as described by one of our students.
While playing on these therapeutic toys, the equipment is proven to increase blood flow, decrease pain, increase flexibility and calm students who struggle with sensory input. In addition to these fantastic therapeutic toys, Niagara donated a large massage chair for our older students, 3 cyclopads and 3 hand held devices. Each device including the massage chair is fitted with unique 3D cyclonic vibrational therapy which is expected to have short and long term benefits for many of our students.
Staff, family/whanau and students wish to thank Keith and Peter and his wife Sue from the bottom of their hearts for their thoughtful generosity. Our new Fairyland Centre will be truly a fantastic asset to our students!

Fairyland Opening

The Southland Times -9 December 2016:-

Fairyland Sensory Equipment