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Fairyland Sensory Equipment

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Special Olympics Athletics

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Head Students

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Special Olympics

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School Production

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Molly O'Neill

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Oliver Beaumont

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Molly O'Neill

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Thank You to Fight for Kidz

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UK Trip

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Market day

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The Southland Times - 15 April 2014:-

Head Girl and Head Boy

Ruru School appoints its first head pupils

ROLE MODELS: Dylan Stuart, 18, and Samantha Morton, 21, are Ruru School's first ever head boy and girl.
To be named head boy or girl is always an honour, but for Ruru School's head pupils, it's something quite special.
Senior pupils Samantha Morton, 21, and Dylan Stuart, 18, have been named as Ruru's first head girl and head boy, the only pupils to be awarded the role since the special needs school opened more than four decades ago.
Ruru School careers and transitions co-ordinator Maree Edwards said the school had decided to introduce the head pupil tradition, as other schools in Southland used it to recognise senior leaders. Morton and Stuart deserved the honour as they were both kind and caring role models, she said.
The pair, who were elected to the positions by their senior classmates, were excited about embarking on the challenge, but also acknowledged they were going to have a very busy year.
The job would include a lot of responsibility, such as carrying information between the school and the board of trustees, supporting other pupils and representing the school in public, including at other schools' balls, Morton said.
Morton and Stuart were presented with gold badges in the shape of a shield, which they chose from a jeweller.
Stuart said he wanted other pupils to come to him for help with their ideas and problems, while Morton encouraged pupils to be good role models for others.

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Loud Shirt Day

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School Ball