Ruru Specialist School History

Historical Statement

Ruru Specialist School has been operating on its present site as a State School for more than 50 years catering for  Students with Special Educational Needs from the Southland and South Otago area.

In 1984 in consultation with the Southland Education Board students with Very High Learning Needs were enrolled at this school as part of the new Government Policy regarding the right of every child over 5 years of age to be educated in the school system. This added a new dimension to Special Schools.

During the 80’s we initiated and worked with the Education Board and Ministry in establishing Satellite Classes at Waikiwi, Collingwood and Salford Schools. This further enhanced parent choice and provided more social learning opportunities for Special Needs Students.

The last 20 years has seen many changes to meet the ongoing needs of students through a holistic approach.