Te Matatini Junior Satellite Class

What's On Now...

Our Theme:Nga Houanga, Seasons
School Value: Integrity.
Teaching focus – Key Competencies.
Portfolio assessments: Using language, symbols & text. Participation & Contribution.

Learning activities will include:

  • Participation & Contribution – Special Olympics Soccer; Murihiku Polyfest; shared learning activities; EOTC.
  • Relating to others – working co-operatively; Tramping and EOTC experiences; Newsboard and shared activities.
  • Managing self – Road safety; Food technology - hand washing; spreading; mixing; measuring; sharing kai; Health & PE turn-taking and sharing games; Swimming – Water safety skills.; Sexuality – Self Identity.
  • Thinking – problem solving, literacy & numeracy activities. Science & Technology - Material World: simple experiments – physical properties. Maths– Sensory activities; classification; number knowledge games. Reading – Shared reading; sensory reading activities; individual reading. Writing – Sensory writing activities; poems; handwriting; te reo me ona tikanga Māori activities
  • Social and Cooperative – Developing skills to be a part of a group and using recreational facilities – participating in Special Olympics Soccer, Murihiku Polyfest.
Te Matatini Junior Satellite Class