Ruru Specialist School MultiSensory Room



The Multi-Sensory room is a room full of enjoyment and fun where the students are able to explore through their senses.

We are so lucky to have this room on site.

Students from Ruru , and other Southland schools are able to access our Multi-Sensory Room
as are others with diverse needs.

The Multi-Sensory Room is used mainly for three purposes

  • Relaxation
  • Real Life experiences
  • Innovative Interactive cause and effect

What's On Now...

THE “Magic Room” environment can be altered to provide stimulation or relaxation depending on the needs of the Individual student(s). It is a very positive environment which can impact hugely on student positive behaviours.

  • The Magic Room provides an excellent space to reinforce the current curriculum focus , as our individual student programmes are essentially designed by the students for students .
  • The students themselves control their own environment ensuring positive interaction.
  • The students love their time in the Magic Room
Magic Room