Ruru Specialist School Physical Therapy

Physical Therapies
Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy
Physical Therapies include Physiotherapy and Occupational therapy. Aspects of these two therapies include water therapy, riding for the disabled and multisensory learning environments. The students at Ruru Specialist School benefit weekly from each of these therapies. Ruru Specialist School has onsite therapy assistants to implement and support therapy recommendations made by the Ministry Physiotherapist and Occupational therapist. Many of our students need specialised sensory, fine and gross motor programmes. As well as therapy assistants we have specialised equipment to support therapy recommendations. Equipment includes an indoor swimming pool, a state of the art multisensory room, and a gym. Students also access Riding for the disabled weekly.

Indoor Swimming Pool
Ruru Specialist School Water Therapy
Ruru Specialist School has a dedicated water therapy assistant who supports students get the maximum benefit from their water experience. For many students, regular times of being in the water has a calming therapeutic effect and assists them engage in their learning for the rest of the day.

Multisensory Room
Ruru Specialist School Magic Room
Multisensory rooms have been shown to enhance skills such as sensory development (hearing, touch, taste, sight and smell) hand/eye coordination, cause and effect skills, control over one’s environment and relaxation. Depending on the student’s needs, regular weekly attendance at the multisensory room is enjoyed by many students. We have a dedicated teacher and assistant available to operate the complex equipment in the room, and support the students learning and relaxation while they attend and engage with the equipment.


Ruru Specialist School has a gym with specialised equipment to support the physical development of our students. Students use the gym in many therapeutic ways- including stress reduction, strengthening muscles, improving gait and overall fitness. The onsite therapy assistant oversees programmes developed by the Ministry therapists.

Riding for the Disabled
Riding For Disabled
Riding for the disabled is an animal (horse) assisted therapeutic intervention. This is run locally by a group of volunteers and many students attend weekly. Therapeutic benefits include relaxation, confidence building, improved physical coordination, overall pleasure and interactions with other people and the horses.