Salford Satellite Class

Salford Satellite

Salford Satellite

Salford Satellite is a classroom that is a part of Ruru Specialist School and is situated at Salford School.
We have 1 teacher and 2 teacher aides supporting five students aged between 5 and 9 years old. We also have support from therapists and specialists.

  • We tailor our learning programmes to meet the needs of our students by implementing Individual Education Plans.
  • Reading, writing and maths based on each child’s needs, at each child’s level, are taught daily and assessed regularly.
  • Each term an integrated, themed unit is explored and the students are encouraged to use the various items of technology we have available – iPads, Interactive Whiteboards, computer and internet access.
  • All of our students are involved in therapy sessions in speech, sensory, swimming, music and OT.
  • The students also learn skills for life including dressing, personal care, cooking, fitness and how to keep clean and healthy.
  • We use the school vans to explore outside the classroom and to travel to off-campus activities.
  • We keep fit doing daily fitness and PE.

What's On Now...

This term students will focus on our unit Weather which will be taught throughout the curriculum.
Our School Value is Excellence.

This will include:

  • Relating to others – working co-operatively: contributing to group work, working in pairs and independently.
  • Managing self – following instructions, completing tasks, taking responsibility for self and as a member of our class group. Turn-taking, sharing.
  • Thinking: asking and answering questions.
  • Participating in regular Sensory breaks
  • Developing a range of movement skills through PE and PMP
  • Creating our own piece of artwork focusing on weather
  • Working on sharing and co-operating in a group through music
  • Investigating Measurement – Hot and Cold and Temperature
  • Exploring how to cope with feeling angry or sad
  • Recognising that illustrations and text go together or Differentiating between Fiction and Non-Fiction texts.
  • Cutting, spreading and focusing on healthy food options
  • Submerging our heads under water, floating on our backs and kicking with a board
Salford Satellite Class