Outreach Service - Specialist Teacher

Specialist Teacher Outreach Service

Specialist Teacher Outreach Service

The Specialist Teacher Outreach Service provides specialist teacher services to schools for students with high and very high needs (ORS) in their own school setting.

The Service offers teachers who have expertise in delivering functional learning curriculum programmes for students with special learning needs.

The teachers have undergone effective and sustained professional development which allows them to raise student achievement by supporting classroom teachers and teacher-aides in schools and by adapting educational programmes for students, providing access to expanded Level one of the curriculum.

Teachers work with the therapists and advisors from Ministry of Education and access a wide range of resources.

The specialist teacher co-ordinates the Individual Education Process by arranging I.E.P. meeting times, keeping all parties informed, and writing an Individual Education Programme from goals set at the meeting. These are implemented by the teacher and teacher-aides during the child’s day in a familiar learning environment
IEP Process
Teachers work closely with families of students to ensure all the needs of the students are considered.

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