Verdon Satellite Class– Marcellin Block, Verdon College

Verdon Satellite

Verdon Satellite

The Verdon Satellite classrooms are situated on the Verdon College site near the Year 7 and 8 block.
Students in these classroom range in age from 11 to 14 yrs age. (Years 7 to 10)

  • The Verdon Satellite classes offer adapted programmes and individualised timetables structured to meet the specific needs of our students.
  • The age appropriate programmes allow our students to achieve personal goals while being supported by committed specialist teachers, therapists and support staff.
  • In Verdon Satellite, we keep up to date with current theories and practises.
  • We have a 21st century learning space with an ipad for each student, Apple TVs and computers.
  • We focus on reading, writing, maths and self-management and also cover other curriculum areas through thematic integrated units.
  • Our students have opportunities to experience life outside the classroom through various events, tramping, flat, and community visits.
  • We pride ourselves in having an active programme with daily fitness and weekly PE, sports, tramping and swimming sessions.
  • With support, our students are encouraged at all times to be responsible and independent.
  • Being on the Verdon College site enables our students access to their facilities, with the support of specialist staff.
  • Our Verdon Satellite students have the opportunity to have inclusion within the mainstream setting, with their peers, both within the classroom and the playground.

What's On Now...

This term students will focus on our topic, Seasons and our school Value is Excellence.
This will include:

  • Relating to others – working co-operatively: contributing to group work, working in pairs and independently.
  • Managing self – following instructions, completing tasks, taking responsibility for self and as a member of our class group.
  • Thinking: asking and answering questions, investigating and enquiring.
  • Participating in regular fitness activities and P.E; exploring Healthy Nutrition.
  • Developing a range of movement skills.
  • Working individually and as a group and exploring music.
  • Investigating Measurement and Shape.
  • Exploring how objects and images communicate our ideas, feelings and stories.
  • Acquiring and using information, processes and strategies to identify, form and express ideas.
  • Developing purposeful engagement to explore communicative learning experiences in reading.
  • Exploring natural features and resources.
  • Differentiating between Fiction and Non-Fiction texts.
  • Reading and following recipes, measuring, mixing and baking.
  • Floating, front and back, freestyle swimming, using kickboards.
  • SLRNZ – How I behave, learning about our emotions and triggers and We are what we eat, learning about menus, eating out and healthy eating.
Verdon Satellite