Waikiwi High Learning Centre

Waikiwi High is a Satellite classroom of Ruru School and we are based in a lovely character house within walking distance from the main school. There are 11 students at Waikiwi High with ages ranging from 13-18 years.
We have 2 teachers and 2 teacher aides.

Waikiwi High offers:

  • Individual Education Plans – IEP’s (tailored to meet students’ needs)
  • Individual Career Plans – ICP’s (tailored to meet students’ needs)
  • Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • Curriculum
  • IT-Information Technology
  • Multi-Sensory – Magic Room
  • Fitness/Tramping
  • Kapahaka
  • Self-Management
  • Social Skills
  • Flatting Experience
  • Food Technology
  • Work Experience
  • Therapy Sessions:
  • Speech/Language
  • Music
  • Water
  • Occupational
  • Art
  • A friendly learning environment where we strive for high student achievement.

What's On Now...

This Term our Topic is “Christmas”

  • We will be working on our daily ICPs which focus on students individual needs.
  • Our integrated unit is based around Christmas and will cover:
    • Maths – creating 2D shapes and making Christmas decorations
    • Health and PE – Participating in regular exercise
    • English – Handwriting, Writing Christmas stories/poems/wishlists
    • The Arts (music) – Singing Christmas Carols
  • Food Technology we will be looking at making healthy choice meals
  • Social Skills: We will continue with taking turns and friendships.
  • Self Management: we are focusing on Teeth hygiene.
  • We are very excited for the Swimming Special Olympics.
  • Tramping, Swimming and Daily Fitness will be each week.
  • We are very excited to doing all things Christmas this Term
Waikiwi High Learning Centre