Waikiwi Vocational Programme 1 and 3

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The Waikiwi Vocational Programme 1 and 3 offers students with special educational needs a smooth transition from school to work or school to tertiary.

  • For students 16-21 years old
  • Unique Vocational Training Service
  • Ongoing support towards independence in wider community
  • Individualised Programmes
  • Work Experience
  • SPEC
  • Skills for Life
  • Flatting Programme
  • Social skills development
  • Friendships
  • STAR Courses
  • Camps
  • School Formal Ball
  • Close liaison with SIT and Sport Southland

Individual Career Plans (ICPs)

The ICP is the most significant planning document for every student at Ruru Specialist School and addresses his/her specific learning needs.
Individual learning needs are met through our extensive and comprehensive ICP process
ICP meetings are held every 6 months for  students with ORS and annually for non-ORS students.

At ICP meetings we:-

  • Identify present level of student
  • Establish and review goals
  • Establish the roles and responsibilities of the team members and identify resources needed
  • Prioritise learning needs.

South Pacific Education Courses (SPEC)

SPEC modules are taught to Students aged over 16 years. They are aimed at independence and life skills development.

What's On Now...

Our focus this term:
Value: Inclusion
Key Competency: Using Language, Symbols and Text
Elective: SPEC– Creativity
Maori Focus: Cultural Celebrations
Event: Camp

  • Social & Co-operation – Healthy Relationships – Student will discuss what makes a Healthy Relationship
  • THE ARTS – SPEC – Creativity Students will attempt to create their own painting or drawing
  • Health & PE - Students will make a chart demonstrating hazards and safe practices linked to those hazards

Waikiwi Vocational Programme 
Waikiwi Vocational Programme