Poutama Classes Highlights

Poutama Junior

  • We welcome to our whanau Maihi, Manson, Lachlan, Justin, their whanau and Teacher Aide Viliami
  • Our Class Treaty and Waka.
  • Our Ko Au Posters look amazing!

Poutama Rangatahi

  • The lovely new learning space at Waikiwi High site.
  • Welcoming new students and staff.
  • Athletics training at Surrey Park.

Poutama Hine

  • Poutama Hine Tahi
  • Using NZSL each day and realising how much we know already!
  • Learning new routines and forming relationships.
  • Trying new activities such as Ladies of Leisure.
  • Poutama Hine Rua
  • Welcoming our new friends Melanie and Charlotte to our Poutama Hine whanau.
  • Talking about our 3Bs, school values and being role models.
  • Learning about culture – in our families, in our class, in our school, in our country and around the world!

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