Our Classes

Our students are aged from 5 years to 21 years old.

We currently have 13 classes over 5 different sites. Find out more about our classes.

Being on the host school's site enables our students access to their facilities, with the support of our specialist staff. Our students, while still getting the Specialist input from our Base Campus, have opportunities for inclusion with their peers in the mainstream setting, both within the classroom and the playground.

  • All our classes offer differentiated programmes and individualised timetables structured to meet the specific needs of our students.
  • We plan age appropriate programmes that allow our students to achieve personal goals while being supported by committed specialist teachers, therapists and support staff. All staff keep up to date with current theories and practices.
  • We have a 21st century learning spaces with an ipad for each student.
  • We focus on reading, writing, maths and self-management and also cover other curriculum areas through thematic integrated units.
  • We focus on the Key Competencies
    • Using language, symbols, and texts
    • Thinking
    • Relating to others
    • Managing self
    • Participating and contributing
    which are aligned to the principles of the New Zealand Curriculum
  • Our students have opportunities to experience life outside the classroom through various events, tramping, flat, and community visits. We pride ourselves in having an active programme with daily fitness and weekly PE, sports, tramping and swimming sessions.
  • With support, our students are encouraged at all times to be responsible and independent so they can reach potential.

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19 Ruru Street
Invercargill 9810

Salford School
110 Lamond Street, Hargest, Invercargill

Donovan Primary School
200 Drury Lane, Grasmere, Invercargill

Verdon College
210 Rockdale Road, Invercargill

Southern Institute of Technology
160 Forth Street, Invercargill

(03) 21 59379